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Rachel Dean enlists friends all over the world to help her source her components for her jewellery label, and is constantly receiving little packages containing old typewriter keys and other vintage treasures from afar. She turns these into an interesting and eclectic range of jewels, which she sells under her Naughty Pony Label. Rachel also uses lovely sustainable materials to make clothing and bags….very cool ones we might add.

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? 
Making, sewing, designing, photographing and painting.

When did your business begin and why? 
In December of 2010 I moved to Tasmania and with this move came a change of lifestyle that gave me an opportunity to explore a variation in career. I began my business in June 2011 and have been galloping along since. I have always been a sewer and a maker of things – my mum taught me to sew clothes when I was 10 and my sisters and I had been sewing things for our dolls and teddies since we were very little – and so this change just seemed like the next thing that I should do. I bought a big old rambling house in the Tasmanian bush, filled it with sewing machines, fabric, typewriters, buttons, and leather – I haven’t looked back.

Inspiration/design aesthetic?
I am inspired by what is around me - nature, fabric, defunct technology, typewriters, travel and people. My aesthetic I would describe as bold with a focus on the graphic or a vintage piece. I am always on the hunt for old typewriters, I have friends the world over finding them for me and I periodically receive little packages in the mail containing keys and treasures.

Designers you admire? 
Frieda Khalo, Spoon Savvy, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Rona Green, Eve Howard.

What is your favourite part of Tasmania? 
Southern Tasmania – The Forestier Peninsula – where my studio and home is. Love love love.

What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? 
I am crazy about spending days and nights on end sewing and making beautiful things for people to wear. I like designing and creating new garments and jewellery too. I also love all of the beautiful emails that I get telling me about gifts that people have bought for their loved ones and how much they adore the things I make. Niggles? None yet…

What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? 
The Naughty Pony will have more of a focus on fabric and clothing this year. I’ve sourced some beautiful eco fabrics, like hemp and organic cottons and linen and they are just beautiful! Some pretty new bags are on the way too!

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