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Anna Grierson from Milk Linen Design

Milk Linen Design (what a lovely name!), is a collection of beautiful linen in stylish patterns and fabrics, made by the very talented Anna Grierson. The designs are all locally made, and the patterns of limited run. Anna’s luxe, but reasonably priced collection will be at our December market, but you can check out her brand new website from Dec 8th for a sneak peek.

When and why did Milk Linen Designs begin?

The Milk Linen Design concept was born approx 1.5 years ago when my daughter (Ava was 2 and my son William 5).

This came about purely by the frustration of finding contemporary bed linen that would merge from Nursery through to Junior years and that would blend with the rest of the décor through out the house. After being confronted endlessly with flowers,fairies,trucks and dinosaurs(these are all great in the toy box) I decided to search for fabric collections and started designing.

Favourite colours/materials to work with?

All materials are 100% cotton and locally sewn and handmade. This is what makes the linen unique as it is not mass produced and the fabric is limited edition. My collection consists of 3 piece cot and single sheet sets, cot and single quilt (doona) covers, comforters and cushions with made to order fit outs of cot valance and bumper.

What are your creations inspired by?

I am inspired by fashion,colour and décor trends, oh and of course my 2 darling children, without them or my husband, I probably would never have gone down this wonderful path of motherhood?!. These components make up the essence of Milk Linen Design which specializes in Contemporary and Vintage baby linen. There are gorgeous vintage rosebuds and petal trails in hues of blue,pinks and coral moving into nautical blues, spots and stripes with red and pink and white spotted ruffles, fuchsia pinks and corals. The vanilla bean luxe range is suitable for either baby boy or girl.

What can customers coming to the market expect to see at your stall?

I am very excited to launch a new addition to Milk Linen which will be available at the market on Sunday 13th, and that is the baby bodysuit. These are white cotton short and long sleeved with matching detail to the quilt sets. They are just gorgeous with a price point of$24.95-$29.95 to make a great xmas gift. Also as a Christmas special I will be offering 50% off all Vintage Designs and cushions will be priced at $25.00.

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Anna Weber from Gilded Pony

The lovely Anna Weber, from Gilded Pony, will be joining us for our December 13th market, with her very special handcrafted range of jewellery. Anna is a Hobart girl, though did a stint in Sydney, where she studied design at the University of Technology. Now back on the island, she is reveling in creating her unique and contemporary designs, at her Hobart studio in the Bank Arcade.

Her pieces are mostly made from Sterling Silver, often featuring gold, oxidised silver, pierced or etched patterns…..(VERY delicate and pretty!) While Anna’s materials and silhouettes are of a quirky and modern nature, Anna is inspired by natural elements, grasses, trees, leaves and the like. This combines to make her range strong but feminine, unique but still quite classic…we love it!

Also at the December Market, Anna will be introducing her brand new lighting range…HATCH. This stellar piece of work has been included in the top ten list for the Tasmanian Design Award, congratulations Anna! We look forward to seeing you and your special things in a few weeks time.

When and why did Gilded Pony begin?

Gilded Pony began a couple of years ago. I was wanting to give a name to a collection that I was working on in my spare time. For my work as a jeweller I wanted to create a number of different ranges. One range would be known under my name and the other would be more fun and accessible and therefore needed a brand that represented that. I took this range to Sydney for the Young Blood Designers Market at the Powerhouse Museum and at this point Gilded Pony was born.

What are your creations inspired by?

My creations are inspired by nature in a very fun and pictorial kind of way. I do a lot of etching into silver and piercing out of patterns that include leaves, birds and vines etc

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

My favourite thing about what I do is now being able to push my jewellery and my new light shade label HATCH to a point where I can make full time. It would have to be one of the best things to get up for work every morning excited and passionate about what you do and look forward to what creations the day might hold.

Favourite colours/materials to work with?

At the moment I have a large focus on sterling silver for my Gilded Pony jewellery range with techniques like etching and imprinting onto the metal creating texture and interest. I have also been using some resin and enamel paints to add bit of colour. My lighting range is primarily timber veneers onto ply with Tasmanian timbers such as Myrtle, Blackwood and Tas Oak featuring. I will also be expanding the range into acrylic in the beginning of next year.

What can customers coming to the market expect to see at your stall?

Customers can expect fun sterling silver jewellery completely handcrafted by myself that would make a perfect small gift or there are also a number of special pieces to catch your eye. And as mentioned above my new light shade range HATCH in a variation of timbers that completely come apart and flat pack perfect for postage.

Personal favourite design in your range?

It is hard to pick a personal favourite design but I do enjoy the small etched studs which I have quite a few pairs of and I swap, mix and match each day as the fancy takes me. Also as my lighting range is brand new I am particularly excited about it and look forward to seeing what kind of response they get.

Gosh…What a lot of people turned out for our November Christmas Market!

Never before have we seen such a huge turnout. At 10am it was as if we opened a flood gate of happy Christmas shoppers! The upstairs shopping certainly added some intrigue (not to mention some much needed extra room for stallholders and customers. Who, by the way did not disappoint!) The stalls looked lovely, the products for sale were beautiful, and tastefully festive too!

We had a really positive response to our new layout, and it definitely enabled a better flow of shoppers. It was great to see the customers' reactions to the delightfully different wares on offer, many customers (like us!) were a little bit blown away by all the clever local makers! We are proud and grateful to have created a platform, where this sort of interaction can happen, and to have firmly established an event which shows off and supports the talent of our stallholders…yay!

Thank you to all who supported our November Market, make sure you come back on Dec 13th, for a fresh and EXCITING batch of designers, artists and makers…

Until then,

Bec, Shannon + Holly :0)

christmas market no.1!

Date: Sunday 15th November
Venue: Masonic Temple (3 Sandy Bay Rd)
Time: 10am -5pm

It’s nearly here! The weather is warming up…JOY, and things are starting to get rather exciting here at the market…Our very first Christmas Market is like a beautiful gift… all wrapped up in a pretty satin bow, and in it, the very best selection of local artists, designers and makers, we could get our little hands on.

We love Christmas at the market. Not so much the garishly overdone tinsel type of Christmas, we prefer things a little stripped back...We like beautiful handmade wares, clever and quirky design, SPECIAL things, one off finds, yummy food and drink to nibble while you shop, a lovely and intriguing market space, and Santa…no, unfortunately he won’t be making an appearance, but we do have some very special stalls that are just about as jolly! We’ll also be offering a stylish gift wrapping service, and as you may have heard an extended shopping space to improve the flow...and eftpos facilities - so you can shop until your heart is content!

It would be lovely if you could join us this Sunday, support your local talent, and find some very special presents, straight from the source, made with love.

Ps: See below for the full list of stallholders at our November Market

See you there,

Bec, Shannon + Holly :o)

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Emily + Peta from little twig

Here at the market, we’re just a tiny bit proud of Hobart based design duo Little Twig. Peta Riddell and Emily Snadden - who in real life work as Graphic Designer and Jeweller respectively, produce a delightful collection of hand crafted jewellery, innovative stationery and giftware. They launched their very first range way back at our April Market, and we have watched happily, as their business has grown from strength to strength, or as you might say, from twig to tree! The twiggies, Peta and Emily share a love of illustration, clearly evident in their products, and tell us, they are inspired by all things ‘twiggy’ quirky and cute. Their designs are whimsical, pretty, and extremely wearable.

When and how was your business born?

We have been friends since completing Art School (UTAS) 2002 and in 2008 we worked on a collaborative exhibition piece for Wagga Wagga Art Gallery. It was through this collaboration that we discovered we could easily combine our skills (Graphic Design and Jewellery) and discussed working together on a product. We were looking for a way to get going and we discovered the market – the little twig empire was founded!!!

What are your creations inspired by?

The range is mostly developed on the ‘twig’ theme. Birds and bushland flora and fauna are recurring elements within our designs. We share a love of illustration, and all of the designs originate as drawings (by both of us).

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

Producing a product that has developed a local following has been extremely rewarding, we enjoy interacting with all our ‘twiggers’ at the market and are each time over whelmed by the supportive feedback we receive. We design and produce little twig for fun but seeing a piece go to a happy home, and meeting the owner/buyer is extremely rewarding.

Favourite colours/materials to work with?

We are excited to announce that we are currently experimenting with Tasmanian timber, we love playing with new materials and are also exploring the possibilities of Laminex. We generally work in a minimal colour palette, we like to keep things simple.

What can customers coming to the market expect to see at your stall?

One customer described our stall as “…a bit like a lolly shop – too many choices” – we like that idea. We currently produce cards, gift tags, jewellery (including brooches, earrings and pendants) and magnets. We are currently working on some new Christmas products for the next market (Nov 15th) and will be launching some new jewellery designs too.

Your favourite item in your range?

Probably the Layered Acrylic Brooches - we both love the intricate detail that we have been able to achieve in the designs. They have proved to be a popular product after only two markets - although we are always working on new products, so favourites change often!

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Selena de Carvalho from The Memory Store

The darkly beautiful, thought provoking and quirky wares from the incredibly talented Selena de Carvalho will be on display at the first of our Christmas Markets, on November 15th. We wanted to share a little bit of a glimpse into the intriguing world behind her label, The Memory Store.

Selena is a Tasmanian based artist and maker of many things, her designs are not limited to any one genre or product, rather, an exploration of various mediums, and processes. She moved toTasmania in 2002 and tells us she has “(not in) bred with an apiarist allergic to bee's”. By day she lurks around Longley, by night she describes herself as an “art slave”. Her work reflects a strong focus on sustainable and ethical design practices and incorporates the use of post consumer waste as a source of materials for her products.

When and how was your business born?

'The Memory Store' is really just an excuse to indulge my craft obsession. In my spare time I have always made wacky craft items, I guess it has become more prolific in the last year.

What are your creations inspired by?

I love old books, exotic tropical seeds, keys with no doors, houses with no occupants, the insides of wrist watches, stained wallpaper...

I resonate with the soulful nature of materials that have experienced their own sense of life. I see my role as having the sensitivity to re-define an items relationship to the world with articulated placement in my work. Often the pieces are an exercise in recycling as much as they are about creating an object of beauty.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

I enjoy the act of making something previously cast aside or disregarded a treasure.

Favourite colours/materials to work with?

Currently I'm into the process of sewing paper and love the patterns and emboss of rich and at times hideous nature of vintage wallpaper.

What can customers coming to the market expect to see at your stall?

A beautiful range of hand painted anatomical hearts on bottle-top badges, bracelets crafted from leather and antique measuring tapes, sewn & collage artist cards, hand bound & machine sewn books, limited edition etchings, the odd soft sculpture and HoNeY!

Your favourite item in your range?

My thaumatropes, these are a prehistoric form of animation and precursor to the flip book. Originally an 18th century children's parlour game they are a card with images on each side. There are strings you hold and twist to make the card spin. The images on either side of the card merge to form one picture. They are a sweet object.

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