Visit us this Sunday for all sorts of special locally loved up wares...
Sunday 1 August, 10am - 3pm

Welcome to event number 16, our August market, and we certainly have a delightful mixed bag of stall holders once again, including some market favourites, and a nice pinch of fresh products and talent, to keep you on your toes!

...but to be more specific, eye spy with my little eye...Vibrant new wares from Cathy McAuliffe’s joyful Phat Flats range, a splash of colourful fun, and amazing illustrations make her designs a definite standout.

Wanting a little light in your life, to help you through the last lingering month of the Hobart Winter? The lovely Loz Abberton lights up our hallways with her innovative lighting designs, chandeliers + grandeliers and everything in between. Also Belinda Hills from Room Recipe joins us, with her very cool collection of repurposed objects, these range from pretty teacup lights, to lamps made from old surveyors equipment!

Something pretty...Sashiko Design will be bringing along her chic and beautifully constructed new range of dresses, and from Jane Busby of Scent3, something new, locally made perfumes and extra delicious smelling body products. Award winning jeweller Emily Snadden is also joining us, with her delicate and beautiful collection of silver jewellery.

Upstairs in the lounge we are excited to announce we have the Hunter Island Press exhibiting a beautiful selection of prints from several local artists, a must see for anyone interested in printmaking of the highest calibre.

And of course it wouldn’t be a Market Sunday without a visit to our friends at The Tasmanian Farmgate Market (Melville St carpark 9 – 1) Snap up your fresh seasonal produce, minus the supermarkets and long stints in cold storage. All produce is from Tasmania, making the food on offer the freshest you can buy, direct from the grower/farmer to your basket. We love that you can have a chat to the person that picked/bottled/baked or harvested your food, definitely the best (and yummiest!) way to shop.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday, and sharing the market’s pick of the very best local artists, designers and makers.

Shannon + Holly :0)
on the menu
sunday 1 august


fragrant almond, whey, garlic & galangal
with free range chicken & coriander

caramelised onion sourdough toasties with

'not your mama's meatloaf', baby spinach
& tomato & apple chutney

welsh rarebit


pumpkin, puy lentil, flat leaf parsley & labna

moroccan citrus with pink grapefruit, carrot,
blood navel orange, cinnamon & rosewater

rocket, pear, toasted walnut & romano salad
with walnut oil & white balsamic

winter slaw with local cabbage, soused red onion,
daikon & free-range egg

shortcrust tart with

caramelised onion, asiago & fresh curd
with rhubarb & cherry plum relish


flour-less chocolate & hazelnut brownie

old-fashioned lemon slice

pasticcini di mandorle (little, soft, almond biscuits)

baked beurre bosc pear & cinnamon sugar french toast

macadamia treacle tart

stall holder profile:
Katrina Galloway from lottie cordelia & friends

In one last hurrah for winter, we welcome to our August market, Lottie Cordelia & Friends (Kat Galloway), and her range of extra special heat packs. Made with love...and a fair bit of quirkiness, these heatpacks are adorable, and beautifully crafted. SO much more fun to cuddle up to a foxy friend, or a cosy dinosaur than a boring old hot water bottle. And SO nice to see a uniquely designed and made product and it’s owner that just belong together. We can’t wait till August 1st, to see the Lottie Cordelia zoo, full of warm friends, waiting to go to a new home.

When and why did your business begin?
I have loved sewing all my life – learning at high school. But Lottie Cordelia and Friends started in 2009 when my daughter moved to Launceston for Uni. Nights are cold, so a heat bag was required. Who wants a boring heat bag? I set to work on creating a fun and quirky bag and soon it was named Cecil, then he had a friend Stanley Stegosaurus – there was no stopping us.

What are your creations inspired by?
I find inspiration in everything. Nature, pets, family (oops) children’s books, magazines anything really. I think- what if I was just a little person what would I like to cuddle up to, that was my friend to keep me warm, tell secrets, keep me company and to make me feel better when not well. The ideas are endless.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?
I love to think I have made something that is quite different and are more than just a heat pack. I enjoy the look on my customers face when they realise that these are not toys but a useful winter warmer. Every child has toys but do they have a heat bag that yells CUDDLE ME. Everyone smiles and always knows someone that this one or that one would suit. Something else about my product is that I have realised that they are not just for children but for all ages. Children, teenagers, mums, dads and grandparents. They look good, feel good and can fix absolutely anything!

Favourite colours/materials to work with?
I like to use block coloured fabric. Materials have to be warm, comforting, and soft. Mostly my fabric is upholstery fabric because of its ability to last, hold heat and the feeling it has when you cuddle up to it. I can then use pretty prints to add colour and uniqueness to each individual creation. I use whatever I can obtain. I have a wonderful friend that allows me to have his leftover pieces of material that cannot be used for his work. So essentially you could say that we recycle.

What can customers coming to the market expect to see at your stall?
A colourful and amazing array of eclectic, quirky creatures that are made with love. These little Lottie Cordelia’s are able to sooth your aching body, keep you warm, be a friend. They can also be put in a freezer to be used as a cold pack. There are new designs all the time. I try to have something different most of the time, but of course favourites are always there – Stanley Stegosaurus, pirates and puppies, birds and cats each one a little different to the last. I have people requesting all sorts of Lottie Cordelia’s, like a Pea in a Pod for a pregnant friend. A neck warmer for a boyfriend- so wrap around Croc was born.

Favourite piece you make?
My favourite piece is the one that makes my customer smile and you know the receiver is going to just love this new friend. How can I choose – I love them all, maybe Ellie Elephant, or Pedro Pirate, or African Elf or ... No , no too hard.

things we loved at the july market

Snip snap purses in fancy floral fabrics

Pretty ceramics, housing softly glowing candles

Terrariums...with striking black lids

Tea towels, screen printed with birdy love

Cute as a button cross stitch

Thanks for your company at our July Market, and for all your glowing feedback on our lovely new friends upstairs, the lounge and our mini gallery.

We were once again blown away by the depth and breadth of our talented stall holders, and look forward to sharing more of them with you in another month’s time. Pop on over to our gallery to see a few more snaps from the day.

Shannon + Holly :0)

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