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sunday 7 march

Check out the delicious, original and wholesome food that Bree Mooney from mondo mama's eats will be serving up at our March market...

YUM! - click the image to see a larger version :o)
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Cat from Cat-Rabbit

Yay! We’re a little bit proud to have Cat Badcock and her collection of individually made softies joining us in March. Cat has rather a formidable following of fans for her plush creations, and as soon as you have a peek at her work, you will understand why. Mesmerising, and intriguing, these special soft things are AMAZING.

A Hobart based artist, Cat, incorporates traditional domestic crafting techniques such as embroidery, knitting and various needlecrafts to create three dimensional soft sculpture figures from her illustrated characters. Cat-Rabbit’s characters, based on both real and imagined animals, are often ironic and engage with the darker side of animal behaviour. Cat is often seen bleeding from the fingertips whilst looking at kittens in a pet store window...

When and why did Cat-Rabbit begin?

Cat-Rabbit began in 2004, it was basically born out of small drawings in the columns of lecture books of rabbits doing things, wearing nice clothes. I made them into plush toys for friends as presents and it has grown from there.

What are your creations inspired by?

They are inspired by my love for animal documentaries, people who dress up their pets, Beatrix Potter and Richard Scarry.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

Being able to watch series upon series of tv shows and work at the same time. Also meeting, working and eating cake with lots of nice like-minded artists is the best.

Favourite colours/materials to work with?

Wool felt in all colours. Particularly colours that clash.

What can customers coming to the market expect to see at your stall?

Happiness! And watercolours in nice little frames, new plush owls and other surprise plush things.

Favourite piece you make?

Each new piece is my favourite.

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Patrick + Mieke from Indeco

For our whiz bang market in March, we welcome for the first time, the beautifully designed range of kitchenware by Patrick and Mieke Senior-Loncin of Indeco. We approached Indeco this year, to be part of our market, as we fell head over heels in love, with their very chic wooden wares. Their products feature simple clean lines, perfectly thought out proportions, and have a lovely Scandinavian feel. Great for presents :0)

When + why did Indeco begin?

Patrick’s desire to bring his own designs to the market place gave birth to Indeco in 1992.

What do you love about what you do?

Our workshop is situated on the river banks of the West Tamar at Swan Point and while Patrick designs and makes our whole range of products, I take care of the orders and do the wrapping! I love doing the market for the interaction with people, it’s just great when people say “ your spurtle, coffee grinder or ladle is so beautiful, the best thing I ever bought”.

Favourite piece in your collection?

The three favourites I’ve chosen for this market are : the coffee grinder, the nutmeg mill and our very new ‘shark’ salad servers named as its design reflects the hammerhead shark.

What can customers coming along to the market expect to see at your stall?

Customers will have all their presents individually wrapped in shiny red paper to be carried in shiny red bags.

Things that made us smile at our February Market...

Tiny socks, on a tiny clothesline, at Rock Paper Scissors.

Hand bound journals, made from the most eclectic, but beautiful range of old books.

Cupcakes, delicious coffees, and ALL of Mondo mama’s food...

Special little things, bought direct from the maker.

Take away treats, like award winning jam and fudge.

Designs, drenched in Summer colour.

Happy regular customers, and new faces exploring.

The truly wonderful level of quality across such a wide range of products and stallholders, all produced locally.

Thanks so much for supporting our clever group of Tasmanian artists and designers...we’re already looking forward to showcasing the next batch on March 7th!

Enjoy the last month of our sunny Summer,

Bec, Shannon + Holly :o)

Summer has well and truly arrived
+ so has the February market!

Date: Sunday 7th February
Venue: Masonic Temple (3 Sandy Bay Rd)
Time: 10am - 3pm

Here at the market, we think all that stimulating vitamin D has been working wonders for the local art + design scene. The products on offer at this Sunday’s market are brilliant, beautiful...and unique! We are proud to say, we have a February market for you that will seriously knock your socks (or thongs) off.

Lots of new local talent will be showcased this month, we’ve been busy finding some brand spanking new artists and designers, to add to the mix. This year we continue to bring you a fresh range of stallholders each month, to keep things nice and interesting.

Pop along for the first installment of 2010 and see our select stationery and journals, joyful jewels, adventurous art, and brilliant bags! We also have tea towels...not the daggy kind, lovely soap products and a very nice selection of kids wear and toys.

We have some rather yummy people joining us for Feb....such as Mondo Mama, serving up her lovely local produce (see mini interview below). If you’re into tempting treats that are a little bit naughty, we insist you sample the chocolatey goodness of what we think is the best fudge in Tasmania, made locally by Fudge a’fare. To add a cherry on top, we have those scrumptious cupcakes, which sell like hotcakes... (can’t wait to see what flavours the ladies pick for Feb!). And of course the lovely Anja will be serving coffees e.t.c with love!

Don’t forget, the Farmer’s Market is on this Sunday too...gosh, lucky Hobartians! We’re rather fond of the Farmer’s Market, and all the good things it’s doing for our farmers and growers. It is packed full of local delights, actually sold to you by the growers themselves. Where else can you buy fresh fruit and vegies, that have been dug or picked that very morning.... It’s held in the Melville Street carpark 8 – 12, and is fast becoming THE place to buy your local produce.

So make it a market Sunday - see you there!

Bec, Shannon + Holly :o)

stall holder profile:

Bree Mooney from mondo mama's eats

Lucky us! mondo mama's eats is back in Feb :0) Bree Mooney, is the clever lady behind the ridiculously delicious mondo mama, providing original, wholesome and beautiful food to February m

arket goers. Think generous portions, your very favourite foods, but with a refreshing quirk, and amazing fresh and local produce.

Check out her mouth watering menu below...

• bomboloni (italian citrus doughnuts)

• sweet ricotta, cinnamon & rose water pastries

• shortcrust free range bacon & egg tart

• shortcrust fetta, hard cheese & onion tart

• fattoush (home-made sourdough, tomato, cucumber & mint salad)

• pearl barley & roasted vegetable salad

• chick pea, roasted cauliflower & zucchini salad

• 70% cocoa chocolate & salted caramel tart

• cherry plum brown sugar cake

...and add to that, old fashioned, homemade lemonade...yummo.

When + why did your business begin?

'Mondo Mama' was born in 2008 out of a desire to marry together my love of good food, a career spanning 15 years in the hospitality/food industry, with my new role as Mum. As mother of two gorgeous boys I juggle my love for all things food with family life. A 'Mondo Mama' market stall seemed like the perfect option.

What’s most important to you about the dishes you create ?

Quality, flavour, enjoyment! Food starts with quality ingredients, quality means flavour and food is not just for sustenance but for enjoyment also.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

I love to share my 'food love'. I'm a woman who is thinking about dinner at breakfast and more often than not will curl up in bed with a cookbook instead of a novel. Hearing positive feedback on the food I like to prepare is a fabulous feeling.

Favourite produce to work with?

Definitely home grown. It is inspiring to think about what is in season and therefore at optimum quality & flavour. Having a 5 month old isn't necessarily conducive to an overly productive garden at the moment however, one constant and productive favourite is our free-range eggs. Our lovely chooks, (Dizzy Dora, Ginger & Princess Kiev), provide all eggs for us at home & for the Market goods. The eggs are divine and the yolks the brightest you've ever seen. I 'm loving our abundant Moroccan mint & self seeded cherry plum trees.

What can customers coming to the market expect to see at your stall?

I'll be doing a mix of sweet & savoury brunch & lunch fare. I'm excited by fresh and zingy 'deep' flavours at the moment such as mint from the garden & preserved lemons that have been macerating for months. I'm really into the marriage of salty, savoury, sweet as well as texture - crunchy, nutty, creamy. The weather has just been superb of late, so expect yummy Summer salads, tasty tarts and slightly wicked treats! All great for a munch whilst shopping at the market or taking over the road to enjoy picnic style in St. David's Park.

Favourite treat you make?

Bomboloni (Italian citrus doughnut). Made from a yeasted dough, proved over-night, cooked quickly in clean hot oil and dredged in sugar. Perfect with coffee or hot chocolate. Yum!

stall holder profile:

Holly Farley from HiiRagi

It is with joy (and a tiny bit of fear) we welcome back the effervescent Holly from HiiRagi for our Feburary market.

Holly’s artistic calling started when she was a child. It dawned on her that she was unlike other children.... instead, she was drawn to things like dark corners, heavy machinery and felt. She recalls as she grew older and “other people, awed by my all encompassing passion for power and world domination, started to avoid me, I decided to turn my back on this mundane existence and fulfil my destiny by building a robot army, the likes of which this world has never seen. Resistance is Futile.” We love Holly’s Robot army, the precision of her work, and her joyful presence at the market, see below for a glimpse into her world .

When + why did Hiiragi begin?

That’s a very interesting question...As I sit here in HiiRagi HQ, I’d say that world domination is really more of a calling than an occupation or choice. This is my life’s work.

What are your creations inspired by?

World domination, Pinky and the Brain and Communist military leaders.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

Converting minions to the HiiRagi cause, feeling the love from my robot army hordes and working on my doomsday devices.

Favourite colours/materials to work with?

Hmmmm....It’s difficult to choose, I’d say alloy and carbon fibre technology, high strength steel composite, papier mache and 100% wool felt.

What can customers coming to the market expect to see at your stall?

For February, a beautiful zombie love fest will be happening, the bunnies have been breeding, more robots, new t shirt colours, jewellery and, for non minions, their DOOM.

Favourite piece you make?

I don’t have one. I love them all....A LOT.

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