Things we loved at the {autumn} market...

Beautiful design, function and form from Adam Aberle.

Bear hugs to keep the cold away! Softly felted friends from Emmeline..

Delicious pots of honey for your morning toast from lovely newcomers Wellington Apiary.

Lighting up the market entrance hall with stylish wares from Who Did That.

Sweet treats...jewel toned Macarons...sold in a flash from Patisserie Antoinette!

Judith Sweet’s dotty spotty hens, playing in the autumn leaves.

Thanks to stall holders and customers alike who made our Autumn event a joy, and a very successful day all round! The products on offer were a great example of the talent, creativity and beauty we are so lucky to have, and super proud to promote! For more images from the day, head on over to our gallery. Best get our thinking caps (and our mittens and scarves on) in preparation for our next event – {winter} on Sunday August 14th, look forward to seeing you all there.

Keep cosy,
Shannon + Holly :0)
{autumn} featured stall holders
follow the pinwheels upstairs for...

The coolest knitted wares we’ve seen...My Paper Doll joins us just in time, to help market customers keep cosy this Autumn. Beautifully made products for you and your home, in a great seasonal colour palette.

Isis St Pierre sets up shop with her collection of hand bound journals featuring lovely repurposed covers. Sure to bring on feelings of nostalgia, with her perfectly chosen vintage cover designs, and some nice bright colours for Autumn jottings.
{autumn} featured stall holders
follow the pinwheels upstairs for...

Rebecca Coote (who by the way is currently exhibiting her sculpture work in the very covetable Collect fair in the Saatchi Gallery in London) has created some brand new pieces for the market, under her new label Bonnie & G. New and exciting homewares, made from metal and wood, glass birds and other special bits and pieces we can’t wait to see!

Teeny tiny felted treats by the lovely Natasha from Snow Queen’s Garden. These are so adorable + beautifully made, it’s no wonder they always sell like hotcakes.
{autumn} featured stall holders
follow the pinwheels upstairs for...

Clever Julie Hoddy from Magoolie designs, she joins us on the 15th with some fun new ceramic designs for Autumn, earrings, brooches and plenty more goodies to brighten up a chilly day.

We’ve always had a soft spot for the fabric wares from Loopee Designs, but we are extra fond of these cute as a button coin purses, some polka dot fun to house all your coins!
{autumn} featured stall holders
follow the pinwheels upstairs for...

Bonita from Miss Hawaii who joins us for the very first time, showcasing her very chic collection of linen based treats for the home. Stylish eco bags, tea towels and aprons with simple yet oh so effective motifs.

Good old fashioned bars of soap! Island Sky soaps are delightfully free of any synthetic ingredients, and are carefully handmade from made from goats milk, olive oil and beeswax. Their subtle fragrance comes from natures own perfume, plant materials and essential oils.
{autumn} featured stall holders
follow the pinwheels upstairs for...

A new stall holder for Autumn, Adam Aberle, with his extremely cleverly designed wooden fruit bowl. Flatpacked, sustainable, and very stylish....great for a gift.

We’re pleased as punch to welcome back Nina from the rather popular HeartFelt to our Autumn market. These accessories are vintage chic at it’s very best!
Welcome to our {autumn} market...
sunday 15 may, 10 - 3

What a seasonal showcase we have in store for you on the 15th! Lots of cosy-type products to help you nestle in and keep out the cold...or, if crunching through the leaves in the beautiful Hobart autumn days is more your thing, we have a wonderful selection of products to help you do it in style! Come along to the Masonic temple (which is thankfully rather warm and out of the wind!) and see the cream of the crop in our 30+ handpicked stallholders for the season.

Who doesn’t love a softly glowing, beautiful soy wax candle to help light the quickly darkening evenings? We love them in extra large vintage style jars, or in delicate little recycled cut glasses, and are looking forward to the lovely scent of Quiesence candles filling the market.

Also on the home wares front we have some great sustainable wooden products, cleverly designed wooden flatpacked fruit bowls from Adam Aberle, and some lovely new seasonal lighting solutions that are so much fun, from Loz Abberton at
Who Did That.

To help keep you warm, we have gathered plenty of quality knitted wares, in nice chunky styles...cushions, tea cosy’s and accessories. We have lovely jewels a plenty from a huge variety of mediums this market, in pretty Autumn colours, or inspired designs in silver and gold.

Are you a bag lady? We have boldly patterned clutches, and sweet little coin purses from several designers, in soft Autumn hues, or bright and punchy fabrics to add a pinch of colour!

Along with our delicious + locally made jams and honey for you to pop on your crumpets or scones, we have for the first time
macarons, oh what joy! Have a look/drool over the photos on our blog, from our brand new market friends Patisserie Antoinette.

Do keep an eye out in the coming days for our posts about our ten featured stallholders, they’ll be upstairs with a fabulous selection of wares on display. While you’re up there, enter our competition to
WIN a $100 market gift voucher...that would be fun. And maybe take some time out to enjoy a macaron and a coffee in our lounge, perfect for a cosy catch up with a friend, or some peaceful time out reading the Sunday papers.

We hope you can join us to celebrate Autumn, and all the local designers, artists and makers who have been busily creating products to share with you this season.

Look forward to seeing you on the 15th!

Shannon + Holly :o)
Macarons for May!
5 minutes with our patisserie queen - Meg Bailey

We are thrilled to be bringing you something extra fun, and extra scrumptious for our Autumn Market....those lovely little biscuits that hail from France, macarons.

Meg Bailey from ‘Patisserie Antoinette’ joins us for the first time on May 15th with her selection of decadent delights, the perfect tiny treat to enjoy with a lovely Barista Sista coffee in our lounge upstairs.

A couple of Meg’s favourite macaron’s from her repertoire thus far include rose shells with white chocolate butter cream ganache and coconut shells with dark chocolate butter cream ganache... we’ll have one of each please!

When did you begin baking sweet treats?
I’ve grown up with a love for food as my parents have always enjoyed being in the kitchen and have involved my sister and I in food preparation. We all have enjoyed eating and discovering different types of food. As I have a sweet tooth, my passion for baking and making desserts has grown in the last few years.

What inspired you to make macarons?
I discovered macarons about a year ago when I visited France on exchange. Being a foodie I ate a lot including these beautiful crisp shelled bikkies that I had heard a little about from my sister. The first macaron I ate was absolutely amazing, I had no idea what to expect but it was this chocolate crispy outside with a brownie type inside sandwiched together with a delicious chocolate ganache. After I tried my first macaron I ventured around London and found my inspiration at the French Patisserie LadurĂ©e, which in my opinion is the haute couture of food, who also featured their pastries on the movie ‘Marie Antoinette’. After a bit of practise and experimenting I decided on putting my skills to some use and that is where I decided on creating ‘Pâtisserie Antoinette’.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?
When I bake, I find pure enjoyment in what I’m doing. It can be a challenge and I have had many times where I’ve had disastrous outcomes but it’s so much fun and I have such a great love for food and that’s all that really matters.

Tell us a little bit about the ingredients/produce you like baking with?
The main ingredients for macarons consist of almond meal, egg whites and sugar but its lots of fun inventing new flavours, my most recent is mango.

What’s on the menu and what can we expect to see at your stall on May 15th?
I’ve decided to stick with classic flavours as they always seem to be the favourites, look out for chocolate, raspberry, pistachio and coconut macarons. Also nutella cupcakes and ‘frou frou’ cupcakes which are raspberry, coconut and chocolate cupcakes. There will also be some bikkies available to buy.

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