july collection : definitely different

...we love these products and the designers behind them for their refreshingly unique aesthetic and their quirky appeal!

Tee by 8-bitty

Earrings by little lari

Cameo necklace by Nos Mos

Fashion by Pixe Link

Bangles by mabel

july collection : furry friends

...cuddle up to these feathered and furry themed products, celebrating the animal kingdom in all it's flying, forest dwelling, chirping glory.

Necklace by Little Twig

Butterfly wing rings by Emily Arlotte Jewellery

Brooch by fee-fi-fo-fum

Watercolour artwork by Mel Hills Wild Art

july collection : the awe-inspiring

...products that serve as a jaw dropping reminder of the serious talent we have among our local labels! 

Matryoshka doll by the Snow Queen's Garden

Illustration (set of cards) by The Little Wren

Paris brooch by Adorn by Sarah Bishop

Cinematic light 'Ampersand' by Marley & Lockyer

Photography by Wolfgang Artscapes

july collection : function + form

...beautiful design coupled with functional, well made products, these wares are more than just a pretty face.

Macrame hung potted succulents + eco fi felt ball gardens by Greenify

Dress by Pony Black

Cushions by smith+purton

Dress by Nara Design

Candle by Avadon

Bags by Sashiko Design

july collection : for the lovers of whimsy

...think swans and macarons and pretty products with a dash of the eclectic thrown in.

Illustration by Birdy & Me

Necklaces by Whatever Heather

Fashion and accessories by Weeping Willow

Brooches by Curmilla Designs & Illustrations

Necklace by Willow St

Welcome to our cosy and cuddly July 28th event!

Held right in the thickets of the Hobart Winter, this market promises to bring a little sunshine and warmth to the long cold days and chilly nights.

Featuring a stellar line up of stallholders and a wonderfully eclectic range of products, we’re proud to be showcasing some of our well established market favourites, alongside some brand new local labels we’re chuffed to share with you.

With our lovely indoor venue (thank goodness!) and a product line-up which includes clothing, photography, home wares and fashion illustration, we can’t wait for the July instalment of our independent, small-in-scale but big-on talent types we’re so proud to represent here at the market. 

Check out our July edition of the look book, it will tell you who’s exhibiting what on market day, along with sharing some pretty product images and stallholder snippets from our talented designers and makers. You’ll see that while our stable of designers differ creatively in almost every way, they all have a common thread; creative talent, a demonstrated integrity in their business ethos and original thought in their design process.

Look forward to seeing you on the 28th,
Shannon + Holly

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