What do we have here...
Sunday 4 July, 10am - 3pm

Our July market is upon us and looking at this month’s comprehensive selection of stall holders we think we just about have everything you need for winter covered...

This month we have lovely wintry sorts of animals like squirrels and deer’s adorning jewels, fabric and stationery. We have gorgeous spice grinders...perfect for grinding cinnamon and nutmeg into warm winter treats. We have our brand new eating + greeting space upstairs, the lounge, to snuggle up and have a coffee and a catch up with a friend, and a wander through our mini gallery. We have some wonderful and exciting new handmade scents, along with beautiful miniature indoor gardens (aka terrariums, by the talented Shauna Mayben).

Bright bold prints add a much needed dash of colour to the Hobart Winter, and we have several artists, photographers and printmakers to tempt you. A delightful collection of woollen wares, for little people or grown-ups, made the old fashioned way. And last but not least...wonderful winter food...soup, delicious amazing soup and all sorts of other special eats from Bree at Mondo Mama. The usual great coffees and comforting pots of tea from Anja at Barista Sista, will help to keep hands and tummies warm too.

So come visit us on July 4th, maybe not to celebrate Independence day, but definitely to join us in celebrating our independent, local and brilliant artists, designers and makers.

Shannon + Holly :0)

Ps Don’t forget to visit our friends at The Farmer’s Market this Sunday, held at the Melville St Carpark between 9-1. Gather everything you need in the way of amazingly fresh local and seasonal produce, from bunches of baby carrots and bok choy, to freshly baked bread (best smell in the world!) meats, cheeses and SO much more...yum. If you like the idea of buying the food you eat, from the people who grow it, this is the place for you!
on the menu
sunday 4 july

Warm up those frosty fingers with a 'good fortune' soup or winter braise . . . Mmmm.


'good fortune' soup with greens, tomato,
black-eyed peas & free range ham hock


'spanikopita' flatbread toastie with curly leaf kale & creamy fetta

asiago, pecorino, & mushroom flatbread toastie

free range pork & small turnip braise

black bean, dried mandarin peel, toasted almond & steamed tofu salad
with citrus honey dressing & coriander

sesame oil noodle salad with maple marinated tempeh,
zucchini & salted peanuts

pumpkin, farro, red pepper, pesto & polenta salad


tamarind, walnut & date cake with cardamon frosting

flour-less walnut little cakes with coffee bean butter icing

rhubarb & hazelnut crumble muffins

introducing our mini gallery
in the lounge {upstairs}

What a treat we have for visitors to the July market! We have handpicked a couple of local artists to take over our mini exhibition space upstairs, so people enjoying the cosy comfort of the lounge, will also be able to soak up some wonderful works from two very clever (and completely different) talents.

Firstly, we’d like to introduce Captain Blueberry (Rachel Tribout), with her lovely French accent, and a body of work that is bursting with vitality, colour, and a nice healthy pinch of the bizzarre...

Secondly, we have Janny McKinnon...whose photography perfectly captures the beauty and simplicity of nature. Her images are uncluttered, gentle and soft, and make us feel that lovely sense of awe and wonderment, at things that we see often, but don’t always appreciate.

Read our mini interviews below, for a little bit more background, and come along on July 4th and enjoy.
stall holder profile:
Rachel Tribout from Captain Blueberry, illustrator

When and why did your business begin?
Captain Blueberry was born in a boat upon the high seas. I was giving my husband some stern words about the rigging of the sail while eating a blueberry muffin and dropping crumbs down my front. In 2009 I dropped anchor in the Derwent and set ashore my easel, my computer and my graphic tablet. Since then I’ve been building a collection of illustrations and paintings, and more recently soft toys, beanies and other furry things. I also do some graphic design work. My dream is to illustrate children’s books and I am in the process of building a portfolio.

What are your creations inspired by?
Lots of things: nature is a big one, also dreams and fantasies, the joy of childhood and environmental issues. There are also lots of talented artists out there that are very inspiring to me.

My monsters come from a different perspective; I started it as a fun way to express my creativity and an alternative to the structure and discipline I am trying to put into illustration. Since then I have realized the true mission: waking up people’s inner child!

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?
I love that I can turn my ideas and feelings into the material world and share them with people. It is also very satisfying for me to be in the creative process. And it gives me the freedom to manage my time the way I want and live in pyjamas.

Favourite colours/materials to work with?
It varies; I love playing with colours, especially opposite colours. I have my periods: at the moment I like warm pastel colours, light pink and brown, but in a month I might be obsessed with blue. I go with the flow! I work my illustrations mainly using a graphic tablet to paint directly using photoshop, it is like painting but with what feels like more freedom and possibilities. I still like to use acrylic paints too. With my monsters, I love faux fur…. It gives them a unique look, they are so funny and cute; I also love felt and found fabrics.

What can customers coming to the market expect to see at your stall?
Light and fun things, lots of colors, a journey back into your inner child! You will find fury soft monsters ready to be adopted, prints of my illustrations, monster head helmets, beanies, and the captain herself.

Favourite piece you make?
I think I have the most fun sewing the beanies, they are every time a surprise, I laugh a lot on my own in the studio making them and the neighbours think I am mad. It’s so delightful to see them on people’s heads!

stall holder profile:
Janny McKinnon, photographer

When and why did your business begin?
I have practiced photography off and on for around 15yrs ... it has been a love of mine which has inspired me through-out my adult life (so far!). I began to create and market my cards as a vehicle for my images in 2005, and mounted prints in 2006. Although photography is an intensely personal practice for me, I very much enjoy sharing my images with others.

What are your creations inspired by?
My photographic practice is very much inspired by nature and the wonder I feel at the simple moments of beauty I encounter in everyday life. I consider my practice as an act of contemplation, and each image as a reflection the sublime that resides within all things.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?
My favourite thing about what I do is in the pleasure of creating something beautiful to share with others.

Favourite colours/materials to work with?
While I mostly work with photographic materials, I also very much enjoy aesthetic pleasure of working with fine water-colour papers from which my cards and books are created. I like the fact that each piece has been precisely measured and folded, yet is unique in that the papers invariably tear in irregular ways.

What can customers coming to the market expect to see at your stall?
Customers coming to my stall can expect to see photographic images in the forms of prints, cards and books, which (I hope) reflect or inspire a sense of wonder at the beauty of nature.

Favourite piece you make?
I don’t have a favourite piece!

things we loved at the june market

Our lovely new space to laze, have a cosy catch up with a friend, and potter around our mini gallery of local artworks.

Dainty tea cups filled with pretty pink wax.

Quirky statement jewels, with teeny-tiny skulls.

An eclectically beautiful collection of handmade silver jewellery.

Scary little monsters.

Black felty birds against soft grey skies.

Thanks to everyone who came along and supported our local love.
If you'd like to see more images from the day - check out our gallery on the website.

See you on July 4th,
Shannon + Holly :o)

Join us at our cosy winter market
Sunday 6 June, 10am - 3pm

Winter in Hobart brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...makes us want warm snuggly things, a pretty one off brooch to pin on a scarf, a jar of locally made jam to cheer up our morning toast, or maybe a cluster of candles to fill the house with a warm glow. Here at the market we’ve been busy gathering the very best locally designed and made treasures, to help you keep the Winter blues away!

What a delightful assortment of stall holders and their goodies we have to share with you this Sunday! So make sure you pop on an extra scarf, and come and visit us for some extra special products, people and food.

To keep things nice and fresh, June brings seven brand new faces to the market, with an assortment of beautiful designs ranging from bags, books, hats, knitwear, stationery and even helmets... Also, check out our blog interviews to see lovely new work from Wix and Wax and Emma Bugg. Plenty of Winter goodies from the rest of our market friends, including the cutest/quirkiest heat packs from Lottie Cordelia + friends, these are amazing! Market favourites the twiggies (Little Twig) are also returning, with a no doubt pretty and popular collection of treats.

Also, head upstairs for something new to
the market...
This month we’re quietly launching the lounge. Laze the Sunday away over newspapers, magazines and a cosy piece of pumpkin pie on our lovely long shared tables.

While you’re out and about, don’t forget another wonderful must visit market... If you’re into good local produce, you’re no doubt already a regular at
The Farmers market. It’s on Sundays 9 – 1 in the Melville St carpark. Such a good thing for our local farmers and growers...not to mention the customers who get the best and freshest in seasonal yumminess.

Keep cosy, we look forward to seeing you this Sunday for our latest installment of local love,
Shannon + Holly :0)

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