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Janny McKinnon, photographer

When and why did your business begin?
I have practiced photography off and on for around 15yrs ... it has been a love of mine which has inspired me through-out my adult life (so far!). I began to create and market my cards as a vehicle for my images in 2005, and mounted prints in 2006. Although photography is an intensely personal practice for me, I very much enjoy sharing my images with others.

What are your creations inspired by?
My photographic practice is very much inspired by nature and the wonder I feel at the simple moments of beauty I encounter in everyday life. I consider my practice as an act of contemplation, and each image as a reflection the sublime that resides within all things.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?
My favourite thing about what I do is in the pleasure of creating something beautiful to share with others.

Favourite colours/materials to work with?
While I mostly work with photographic materials, I also very much enjoy aesthetic pleasure of working with fine water-colour papers from which my cards and books are created. I like the fact that each piece has been precisely measured and folded, yet is unique in that the papers invariably tear in irregular ways.

What can customers coming to the market expect to see at your stall?
Customers coming to my stall can expect to see photographic images in the forms of prints, cards and books, which (I hope) reflect or inspire a sense of wonder at the beauty of nature.

Favourite piece you make?
I don’t have a favourite piece!

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