What do we have here...
Sunday 4 July, 10am - 3pm

Our July market is upon us and looking at this month’s comprehensive selection of stall holders we think we just about have everything you need for winter covered...

This month we have lovely wintry sorts of animals like squirrels and deer’s adorning jewels, fabric and stationery. We have gorgeous spice grinders...perfect for grinding cinnamon and nutmeg into warm winter treats. We have our brand new eating + greeting space upstairs, the lounge, to snuggle up and have a coffee and a catch up with a friend, and a wander through our mini gallery. We have some wonderful and exciting new handmade scents, along with beautiful miniature indoor gardens (aka terrariums, by the talented Shauna Mayben).

Bright bold prints add a much needed dash of colour to the Hobart Winter, and we have several artists, photographers and printmakers to tempt you. A delightful collection of woollen wares, for little people or grown-ups, made the old fashioned way. And last but not least...wonderful winter food...soup, delicious amazing soup and all sorts of other special eats from Bree at Mondo Mama. The usual great coffees and comforting pots of tea from Anja at Barista Sista, will help to keep hands and tummies warm too.

So come visit us on July 4th, maybe not to celebrate Independence day, but definitely to join us in celebrating our independent, local and brilliant artists, designers and makers.

Shannon + Holly :0)

Ps Don’t forget to visit our friends at The Farmer’s Market this Sunday, held at the Melville St Carpark between 9-1. Gather everything you need in the way of amazingly fresh local and seasonal produce, from bunches of baby carrots and bok choy, to freshly baked bread (best smell in the world!) meats, cheeses and SO much more...yum. If you like the idea of buying the food you eat, from the people who grow it, this is the place for you!

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