on the menu
sunday 4 july

Warm up those frosty fingers with a 'good fortune' soup or winter braise . . . Mmmm.


'good fortune' soup with greens, tomato,
black-eyed peas & free range ham hock


'spanikopita' flatbread toastie with curly leaf kale & creamy fetta

asiago, pecorino, & mushroom flatbread toastie

free range pork & small turnip braise

black bean, dried mandarin peel, toasted almond & steamed tofu salad
with citrus honey dressing & coriander

sesame oil noodle salad with maple marinated tempeh,
zucchini & salted peanuts

pumpkin, farro, red pepper, pesto & polenta salad


tamarind, walnut & date cake with cardamon frosting

flour-less walnut little cakes with coffee bean butter icing

rhubarb & hazelnut crumble muffins

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