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Bree Mooney from mondo mama's eats

Lucky us! mondo mama's eats is back in Feb :0) Bree Mooney, is the clever lady behind the ridiculously delicious mondo mama, providing original, wholesome and beautiful food to February m

arket goers. Think generous portions, your very favourite foods, but with a refreshing quirk, and amazing fresh and local produce.

Check out her mouth watering menu below...

• bomboloni (italian citrus doughnuts)

• sweet ricotta, cinnamon & rose water pastries

• shortcrust free range bacon & egg tart

• shortcrust fetta, hard cheese & onion tart

• fattoush (home-made sourdough, tomato, cucumber & mint salad)

• pearl barley & roasted vegetable salad

• chick pea, roasted cauliflower & zucchini salad

• 70% cocoa chocolate & salted caramel tart

• cherry plum brown sugar cake

...and add to that, old fashioned, homemade lemonade...yummo.

When + why did your business begin?

'Mondo Mama' was born in 2008 out of a desire to marry together my love of good food, a career spanning 15 years in the hospitality/food industry, with my new role as Mum. As mother of two gorgeous boys I juggle my love for all things food with family life. A 'Mondo Mama' market stall seemed like the perfect option.

What’s most important to you about the dishes you create ?

Quality, flavour, enjoyment! Food starts with quality ingredients, quality means flavour and food is not just for sustenance but for enjoyment also.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

I love to share my 'food love'. I'm a woman who is thinking about dinner at breakfast and more often than not will curl up in bed with a cookbook instead of a novel. Hearing positive feedback on the food I like to prepare is a fabulous feeling.

Favourite produce to work with?

Definitely home grown. It is inspiring to think about what is in season and therefore at optimum quality & flavour. Having a 5 month old isn't necessarily conducive to an overly productive garden at the moment however, one constant and productive favourite is our free-range eggs. Our lovely chooks, (Dizzy Dora, Ginger & Princess Kiev), provide all eggs for us at home & for the Market goods. The eggs are divine and the yolks the brightest you've ever seen. I 'm loving our abundant Moroccan mint & self seeded cherry plum trees.

What can customers coming to the market expect to see at your stall?

I'll be doing a mix of sweet & savoury brunch & lunch fare. I'm excited by fresh and zingy 'deep' flavours at the moment such as mint from the garden & preserved lemons that have been macerating for months. I'm really into the marriage of salty, savoury, sweet as well as texture - crunchy, nutty, creamy. The weather has just been superb of late, so expect yummy Summer salads, tasty tarts and slightly wicked treats! All great for a munch whilst shopping at the market or taking over the road to enjoy picnic style in St. David's Park.

Favourite treat you make?

Bomboloni (Italian citrus doughnut). Made from a yeasted dough, proved over-night, cooked quickly in clean hot oil and dredged in sugar. Perfect with coffee or hot chocolate. Yum!

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  1. Scrumptious pie and delicious salads. Unfortunately had no room for anything else, but it all looked so inviting. Keep doing what you do brilliantly Mondo Mama.


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