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Ness Lockyer sources beautiful vintage linens from literally all over the world to incorporate into her Marley & Lockyer label. Along with these ever so special textiles she also creates gorgeous hand worked clay homewares and jewellery. We particularly love how all her products come in a soft neutral palette, very gentle and extremely moreish!

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? 
Marley & Lockyer has just recently become my full time day job, while our children are at School. In the evenings I am a Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor, yelling out orders at Bootcamp and dancing up a storm teaching Zumba!

When did your business begin and why? 
It started in 2007, dabbling in sewing and clay while I was a stay-at-home Mum. The staying at home part was very hard for me, as I have always been active and in the community involved in all sorts of things. I wanted to get back to my roots of creating, and it went from there. In 2008 I opened my Etsy store and worked this into my blog. The response has been tremendous and I have found life long friends like Author Vicki Archer, Designer Brooke Giannetti and many more. It also opened up Tasmania to me, after leaving my Family and friends behind in Sydney. I knew no one. Now I have a great pool of interior loving and crafty friends...souls like me.

Inspiration/design aesthetic? 
I pull inspiration from interiors, nature, colours...everywhere. I can see a colour swatch and think of a whole new line for Marley & Lockyer! It is wonderful. My designs have to fit in with my ethos of “You only live beautifully!!”. Everyone deserves a lovely home/space and it shouldn’t cost the earth to get it. I source vintage linens from all over the world and don’t charge my customers the world for them. Life should be beautiful, not expensive.

Designers you admire? 
Tricia Foley, Atlanta Bartlett, Brooke Giannetti, Lauren Liess, Nancy Fischelson.

What is your favourite part of Tasmania? 
Hands down, the Tamar Valley! There is so much beauty here and the support from like minded Women is amazing.

What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? 
I love going to ‘work’ in what has been lovingly labelled “The Sweatshop”. It takes me seconds to get there, no parking woes and a coffee shop is over the road! The fact I get to make what I love and other people can share that with me is the best feeling. The only down side to working as a one Woman show is having no one to chat to while I work...I sing lots instead (it’s probably a good thing I work alone then!!)

What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? 
Beautiful vintage linens from France, Ireland, Belgium, America and Australia. Clay bowls, plates and our ever popular White Clay Tags and jewellery....everything is in a neutral, soft palette too. New collections come out all the time, so there is always something new to show.

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  1. Loving this fabulous interview with my clever friend, Ness. Her handiwork is superb and to be treasured. J x

  2. Grace from LoganleaMay 31, 2012 at 2:39 PM

    I note the Etsy site says "home of the original clay tag".
    I'm not sure how original she thinks her tags are but looking at them they appear to be made of porcelain clay rolled in textured items. This is not a new practice. I've purchased items such as this from Etsy and other sites long before Marley & Lockyer were around.
    Good on her, I say, and wish her every success but let's keep the claims real, eh?


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