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Captain Blueberry (the name says it all really!) is the brainchild of the lovely, quirky and very talented French lady Rachel Tribout. Her work reminds us all to never forget the fun and fears of childhood…monsters, pirates, things hiding under the bed! Her wares includes the coolest handpainted helmets we’ve ever seen, illustrative works, monster softies and an intriguing range of giftcards featuring designs that while beautiful have a depth and darkness we love.

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? 
Apart from being on the lookout for dangerous monsters and monstrous dangers, I work as an illustrator and sometimes graphic designer. When things are quiet, I do a bit of retail work and office work here and there to feed my first mate monkey, Albert.

When did your business begin and why? 
It started in 2009 when I set ashore in Tasmania. It was clear that I will get plenty of time off my monster fighter duty. So it came naturally for me to create illustrations, craft fury monsters, paint on helmets, make a living of what I love doing. It fulfills me. I am positive that it’s only at its early stage and I will take it a long way, creating an unseen world of wonder and adventures of all sorts. 

Inspiration/design aesthetic? 
Graphic novels are a huge inspiration for me as I have grown up with them. Children’s book, Animation movies are a big one too. Other than that, I have a pretty large range of things I look at and watch, and it surely inspires me, consciously or otherwise. My tastes are broad; from dark heavy deep emotional stuff to ultra-sweet bubbly uplifting things. In my work the bubbly stuff comes out the most, but I believe there’s always an inch of unknown, a little darkness within my work. Monsters pretending to be islands, creatures hiding and watching. Things are not always what they seem or what you expect them to be in CB world. I am often deeply touched by what is happening in the real world, but I don’t necessarily channel it directly into my work. Yet.

Designers you admire?
I admire millions of artists, it’s hard to even start. Here’s a few big and obvious ones, and most of those people are illustrators: Miazaky, Moebius, Jamie Hewlett, Shaun Tan, Claire Wendling, leslie & the beastlies, Rebecca Dautremer, TADA’s Revolution, etc…

What is your favourite part of Tasmania? 
The Tarkine really struck me recently. We drove north from Corrinna and stopped on our way up along the West Coast. We walked on top of a bare hill, where we could see to the horizon in every direction. It was spectacular, not like your holiday photo cliché, with tall dead eucalyptus emerging from small dark green bushes, wild sky, blue mountains in the background. It felt so ancient and untouched; I nearly expected dinosaurs to wander out across the button grass plains. Maria Island is a little paradise too.

What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? 
The process and the learning cycles. I love finding an idea, starting, feeling the creative flow. Feeling stuck and pushing through, then the final feeling of achievement.

What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? 
This year I will focus on selling my hand painted helmets and clothing at the market. I will also have some cards and prints of my illustrations. I might have a few fury monster beanies and teddies, but it will be a surprise – for the market-goers and myself!

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