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We’re very glad that Melany Franklin has discovered her obsession with leatherwood honey. Her fancy for the golden goodness made by bees has resulted in her ‘winter honeycomb’ range of jewellery she’ll be exhibiting at the market in 2012, and we have to say, it’s delicious. Along with that she’ll also be sharing the rest of her substantial range of statement jewels, made with sterling silver and featuring an impressive list of found objects.

Do you have a day job, if so what is it?
Yes, I shift work as a Registered Nurse part time. I wish it was just a day job because I feel like I have jet lag at least once a month.

When did your business begin and why?
I began my business during my second year of The Art Craft and Design course at a polytechnic college in Hobart in 2010 where I learnt how to work with sterling silver. Prior to this I was making jewellery with bits n bobs and this n that. My interest in jewellery design was really sparked during my travels in Europe in 2006. A visit to tiny shop in a tiny town called Peebles in Scotland sealed the deal for me when I met a jewellery artist in her shop/studio and I felt inspired to pursue my own creative direction.

Inspiration/design aesthetic? 
I am inspired by rubbish, trash, waste, discarded objects aka relinquished relics, glistening objects in gutters, the smell of honeycomb, simplicity and stillness, good coffee and long baths. I use sterling silver in all of my pieces along with other things that take my fancy such as discarded bronze foundry shavings, discarded antibiotic vial lids, buttons, coins, discarded glass and perspex. The objects I use are removed from their low rank in society and become part of something beautiful. My packaging is also handmade in an attempt to lessen the environmental impact of my work.

Designers you admire? 
There are several jewellery designers I admire but Natasa Milenovic would have to be top of the list. I am continually amazed by her beautiful work.

What is your favourite part of Tasmania? 
It would have to be right where I live in Hobart. Close to the city conveniences yet still close to the bush and some beautiful walks. My favourite place to walk to would have to be Cathedral Rock.

What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? 
I love the creative process and all it involves. I love playing and experimenting and finishing a piece is always satisfying. My only gripe is that I wish there were more hours in the day.

What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? 
I have developed a bit of an obsession for the taste and smell of leatherwood honey. I began casting beeswax to ensure I was in its constant company, which has resulted in the creation of a range of winter honeycomb jewellery which will be available at The Market. I will also be exhibiting a range of jewellery inspired by my collection of discarded lids and relinquished relics.

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