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Lara Carbone creates original artworks and adorable little bundles of whimsy to wear. We’re talking miniature, intricately handmade fairytale themed jewels…think bespoke bears, little red riding hood and pretty much every favourite character from your childhood you can think of….adorable!

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? 
I am currently attending University in Hobart, Tasmania so as to obtain a BFA in photography, which is one of my other passions. My approach to photography is similar to the approach I have when I create my designs. I actively participate in each creation. In fact, my photographs are often self-portraits combined to elements that derive from the world of dreams, childhood memories mixed with imagination and fairy tales.

When did your business begin and why? 
I began to create different types of objects, draw and take photographs ever since I can remember. I grew up with a mother who adored painting and a grandmother who loved every form of art. Art, therefore, has always been part of my everyday life. I completed numerous art courses when I was a child and subsequently enrolled at an Italian secondary school, which lasted five years, specializing in art subjects, especially illustration and modelling. This was the start of what has turned out to be the path which led to Curmilla Designs & Illustrations, where I express myself freely and share the joy and oddity of “my” world by creating little stories to wear, to display and to share.

Inspiration/design aesthetic? 
My inspirations always spark from my childhood memories which are tied either to what I actually experienced or to my dreams; stories and moments linked to facts, things that really happened or on the contrary that are totally invented, taken from books of folktales or simply from my imagination. My inspiration is my world, made of animals that can talk, plants that can move and of course the wind, which is the best ballad singer ever.

Designers you admire? 
I admire a multitude of contemporary designers, however, my favourite is probably Donna Wilson, who was the winner of “British Designer of the Year 2010”.

What is your favourite part of Tasmania? 
My favourite part of Tasmania… is Tasmania! I adore this island and one thing that I could never do without is the feeling you have when you drive from one town to another enjoying the ever changing landscape. It’s amazing and unique!

What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? 
What I love most about handmade items is that all handmade items are unique and unrepeatable, just like human beings. Each and every one of us is unique and unrepeatable, and this is what makes us all so special. Whoever decides to buy handmade items chooses to recognize a person’s creativity and to reward the time and the passion that each designer puts into each creation.

What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? 
They can just about expect anything and I have to admit it’s true! What they can surely find is a variety of unique and unrepeatable objects for grown-ups and children, created by an “almost grown-up” who remains a child at heart.

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