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Jen, Nathanael, Lou + Jimmy from White Paper

We always look forward to the White Paper stall at the market. Maybe it’s because of the ever changing designs and products, maybe it’s that they always look like they’re having so much fun. Or maybe it’s because their products are really rather perfect. This is stationery at its most special, the kind that makes you buy and send a lovely, and completely unplanned, card to a friend, just because.

When and why did your business begin?
White Paper is a collaboration between four friends: Jen Cane, Nathanael Jeanneret, Louise Bloomfield and Jimmy Clough. It began as a great way to share ideas and designs over a coffee. Or two. Or more… (Hello Pigeon Hole) Now we share stuff over Gin and tasty gluten-free corn chips.

What are your creations inspired by?
Words, thoughts, fun, thinking we’re clever, other stuff…
White Paper is essentially two distinctly different styles that share the same table space. Some things are elegant, clever, well planned and very considered (that’d be Jen and Nathanael). Other things change more radically than David Bartlett’s eyewear.

What’s the best thing about what you do?
Ernie and Bert (co-operation!). The feeling that we’re producing something that tells people a little bit about who we are or how we think is nice. And when people nod or smile or can picture someone who our objects immediately should belong to – that’s pretty good as well.

Favourite colours/materials to work with?
White + Paper (well, duh). We’ve printed our wares onto tea towels, magnets, card, paper… Who knows what’s next. Printing onto Chux wipes, maybe. Or knitting.

What can customers coming to the market expect to see at your stall?
Clever stuff, enthusiasm, empty coffee cups and big smiles. And, at the moment, predominantly cards.

Favourite piece you make?
They’re all favourites. Awwwwww…

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