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Shauna Mayben from Mayben

Just the thing for an Autumn Market, a teeny tiny garden, that lives inside. Shauna Mayben and her gorgeous collection of terrariums and other special bits and pieces joins us this Sunday, for the first time. Her products are inspired by a love of the past and also have a strong environmental focus. We love the idea of having our own mini slice of garden, in a pretty jar!

When and why did your business begin?

It didn’t really begin rather it has grown and evolved. Why do I do it?….So many reasons, It’s a drive, addiction... a love. The love of the hand made the individual, unique styles.

What are your creations inspired by?

Anything antique. I love old objects, books, Jewellery, furniture, paintings; Renaissance, Elizabethan, Edwardian and Victorian periods. Secret letters, lost photos, precious nothings. In fact that is why I came up with idea to reinvent the old Wardian Cases, (better known as terrariums) that will be featured at the market. The Fern/Wardian case was discovered accidentally in 1827 by Dr. Nathaniel Ward, a London physician with a passion for botany. Dr. Ward built a fern rockery in his backyard, but the ferns kept dying. Ward was also studying moths and caterpillars and, while experimenting with a cocoon in a covered jar for observation, he noticed that several plants had grown in the bit of soil at the bottom of the jar. Among the bottled plants was a fern and, unlike the ferns in his garden, it looked healthy. Ward pursued his discovery in miniature greenhouses, which he named fern cases, and which are now known as Wardian cases or terrariums. Did I mention that I am a passionate gardener?

What's your favourite thing about what you do?

Researching; looking through old books, going to the library, day dreaming.That warm fuzzy feeling knowing that I am applying skills and techniques that have been passed down through generations. Thanks Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward.

Favourite colours/materials to work with?

Anything recycled makes me feel like I am doing my bit. I salvage Plastics heading to land fill from manufactures, I use the plastic/acrylic Perspex in the Wardian cases, and some jewellery. So let’s say Green :)

What can customers coming to the market expect to see at your stall?

Not only will they see the Wardian Cases, but a amazing collection of Tasmanian ferns. There will also be a range of jewellery celebrating the love of plants.

Favourite piece you make?

Making Jewellery commissions for people’s special moments and events in their lives. As well as getting my hands dirty in the garden. mmmm dirt

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