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Cathy McAuliffe from Phat Flats

phat (say fat) adjective 1. cool ; 2. pretty hot and tempting.
flat adverb 1. horizontal, level; 2. not curved or rounded

Here at the market we’ve harboured a little bit of a secret crush on the bright and bubbly designs from Phat Flats for some time now, and we’re so pleased Cathy will be joining us on Oct 3rd with her fun and quirky collection of stationery. Phat flats products manage to perfectly combine Cathy’s amazing illustrations with a serious rainbow of colours and restrained but fun designs, making them joyful, vibrant and kind of addictive...

When and why did your business begin?
I launched early December of 2008 with a range of four designs. I now have over 60 designs in different sizes and formats. I love creating a new design without having to 'run it past' anyone - compared to my other job as a graphic designer, often the work gets altered from the original idea. It's really fun to go into a shop and see my cards on display and know people are enjoying buying and receiving them. I recently had a baby girl and someone gave me a Phat Flats card to congratulate me - without realising it had come full circle!

What are your creations inspired by?
My artwork is inspired by memories of old toys from my childhood, some of the curtains my nanna had in her caravan, children's books from the 70's, fabric designs from the 50's. Iconic mid century furniture, retro robots, collecting things and simple patterns inspired by Scandinavian artists. Tyre swans and spring flowers!

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?
I actually love just preparing to sell cards - presenting them nicely and packing them up is a great past time and quite relaxing. I also love dreaming up new designs, ideas, applications of ideas onto different materials and creating little flyers and brochures. I also love coming to The Market to have a stall - I get to explore further what people like about the ranges, feedback about what they'd like to see next and socialising with customers and other stallholders!

Favourite colours/materials to work with?
I just love paper and all things printed. That's the idea behind the name - printed on something flat and easy to send off in an express post bag or envelope. I have been enjoying putting together my height charts, it's rewarding to see such a big design printed and thrilling when people are excited to buy them as pressies for loved ones.

What can customers coming to the market expect to see at your stall?
I'm just finishing a range of great little gift cards with Christmas designs, including a small and large card featuring one of my most popular artworks of a tiny little house sitting on a big hill in the night. I will also have height charts featuring princesses and jungle animals, plus all my usual cards and gift wrap.

Favourite piece you make?
My favourite design I think is a small gift card called 'love bird', featuring a little pink bird with a love heart in his tail. It's my bestseller and one I haven't got tired of (yet!)

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