on the menu
sunday 3 october

{kolache...fresh out of the oven!}

- fennel, almond & olive smash

- black bean, ginger, coriander & sweetcorn
- spiced yoghurt, roasted cauliflower & green bean
- soba noodles, free-range bantam tea eggs & asparagus

fresh sourdough baguette with
- lamb kofta & meredith fetta
- smoked eggplant, basil & buffalo mozzarella

rice balls
with free-range lemon chicken centre
& sesame & nigella seed crust

- kolache (koh-lah-chkey, a Czechoslavakian pastry)
filled with poppy seed, date, honey & hazelnuts
- strawberry shortcake bars
- star anise poached apple & almond filo pastry pie
- pasticcini di mandorle (little soft almond biscuits)

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