* christmas * gifts for the hipster

Trendy treats for the wayfarer wearing, satchel loving and permanent iPad clutching guys and girls.

Visit the market on Saturday 8th + Sunday 9th December to shop these items:

1. Honeycomb ring by mellyfrank, 2. Brooch by Dick + Dora, 3. Softie by Once upon a time..., 4. 'a happy spot' print by Julia Dineen Prints, 5. T-shirt by 8-bitty, 6. Leather iPhone case by Roadie, 7. Typewriter bracelet by The Naughty Pony

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Find out more about these makers and more in our special christmas edition look book.

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  1. If you are a person who bought the iPhone because it wouldn't feel and look like a brick in your pocket, consider the Sena case as it will help keep those lines slim and that handset very stylish.



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