on the {summer} menu
sunday 13 february

Bree from
Mondo Mama's Kitchen is back at the market for 2011, ready to whip up a delightful feast for market-goers. Her summer-inspired menu sounds absolutely delicious!

- summer tomato with preserved basil, cucumber, flatbread strips, mint & lemon zest
- potato slaw with bbq corn, green cabbage & fennel herb
- butter bean, olive oil, creamy fetta, parsley, green chilli & tuna

- baked rissotto balls with fetta & smoked free-range chicken filling, nigella & sesame seed crust
- free-range egg & bacon ruff puff tart

- light lemon yoghurt cake with greengage layer & orange blossom swiss buttercream
- cookies & cream french cocoa & chocolate brownie

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