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sunday 21 November

Bree from Mondo Mama's kitchen has been busy coming up with an amazing festive menu for this Sunday...she's really outdone herself this time!

{pan de higos...spiced with cinnamon & with dark chocolate,
French cocoa, dried figs & almonds}

hunter's sausage roll in shortcrust pastry,
with home-made seeded cider mustard

fresh sourdough baguettes with:
- rare roast beef, chimichurri & wild rocket
- felafel with mint yoghurt & roasted capsicum

cucumber, mint, watercress, oven roasted tomatoes & chickpeas
roasted sweet potato, elgaar yoghurt pepper-berry dressing,
preserved lemon & nigella seeds
rocket, olive & parmesan smash, bbq asparagus,
balsamic & toasted almond

current & raspberry fresh cheese tart
brown butter and berry shortcake bars
old fashioned ginger & salted peanut slice
flowerless orange & poppyseed cakes with cream cheese frosting
portuguese custard tarts

take home:
mini christmas cakes
pan de higos
goody gumdrops jar
(filled with mince pies & oatmeal graham crackers)

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