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Loz Abberton from Who Did That

Who Did That designer Loz Abberton returns to The Market in October to brighten up the hallway of the Masonic Temple with her extraordinarily beautiful range of lighting products. Her ‘Grandeliers, Chandeliers & Standeliers’ are flat-pak lights created to transport efficiently and assemble easily. Choosing materials for their ‘flora friendly’ content, her new range of lighting from printed FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) ply and recycled plastics makes a radiant statement for any room. Available as floor lamps (standeliers) or suspended lights (chandeliers) they can be sized to suit the location. Adding further glimmer to her green lights, production is maintained locally as a social and environmental choice.

This year Loz’s first flat-pak ‘Grandelier’ debuted in green magazine’s exhibit at DesignEx09. Since then people (including us here at The Market) have been drawn to her creations…almost like moths, you might say! Loz herself is drawn to the idea of creating unusual lighting solutions, which produce gestures of light and shadow, as in her words it ‘satisfies the shadow puppets’.

What are your creations inspired by?

The eternally fascinating (for me) honeycomb-paper decorations from childhood. At the end of festivities these huge decorative ornaments were folded flat and spirited back to a drawer – magic!

What’s the best thing about what you do?

Being able to mesh art and design. Plus I can think about the next ‘thing’ incorporating elements of what I’m currently doing.

Favourite colours/materials to work with?

Lightweight FSC ply and veneers – smell wonderful and print well. Every colour is my friend…I tread a polychromatic path.

What can customers coming to the market expect to see at your stall?

Whimsical lighting that can be customised to suit a room’s personality - through prints, sizes and materials.

Personal favourite piece from your designs?

The next one…

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