Thank you!

A big thank you to our brilliant stall holders and many customers who attended the market on Sunday, despite the nasty weather outside. What a fantastic turnout!

The Masonic Temple became a bustling cosy space, as our customers were able to deal directly with the artists/designers/makers producing their beautiful wares.

As we look to our next market on Sunday 3rd May, we'd love to hear your feedback, or any thoughts and suggestions you may have for improving the market. Something or someone else you'd like to see at the market? Let us know.

We're particularly looking forward to some warm winter treats for tummies next time. We think some delicious, locally made food, served alongside a fresh batch of stall holders will make the market even more lovely.

Thanks again, 
Bec, Shannon + Holly :o)

ps. If you couldn't make it to the market - here's a quick snapshot of some of the fabulous products that were on display...

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  1. Ooooh, you're making me really, really sad! I wish I'd been there it looks wonderful!


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